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Revenue from Organic Traffic Increases by 590%

Solar Screen Outlet was a new brand that launched in the beginning of 2016. They had no traffic, no reach, and no sales. It would take some concerted effort to make this online retailer relevant.

The first year was indeed slow, but we worked hard at an ongoing National SEO campaign and the work certainly paid off in year 2.

Take a look at the chart below:

Year-over-year revenue from organic traffic only

Solar Screen Outlet Organic Traffic Revenue

The chart above shows the seasonality of a solar screen business (most of the revenue comes during the hot summer months). But it also shows the 590% increase in revenue from organic (non-paid-for) traffic.

How Did We Do It?

We started with a high-level technical SEO audit to shore up all the technical SEO on all the static pages and product pages. We added keywords to the product titles and descriptions and added a lot of content to the product descriptions.

XML sitemap was created and we posted keyword-rich articles regularly to the site blog. We also hand-crafted page meta titles and descriptions to match what users were searching for online. Additionally, the frequently asked questions page contains a lot of keyword-rich content that Google loves.

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