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How Nancy's Online Sales Skyrocketed to $75k/mo

"Nancy" had been a client of mine for several years. I had mainly just done website design, development and maintenance work for her eCommerce company. Several years ago, when she asked me about SEO and Google AdWords, I referred her to another company I had heard about.

Over the years, Nancy tried a few different companies, spending thousands of dollars in ads plus management and consulting fees. The results were less than stellar. Bottom line...she was wasting a ton of money each month. Her sales were flat.

About a year and half ago, Nancy reached out again and mentioned how her online advertising goals weren't being met. So I decided to take on the SEO and Google AdWords myself and the results were quite impressive!

Nancy sales graph

Nancy's sales increased 168% after working with Cristers Media

How Did We Do It?

I started with an aggressive SEO campaign to make sure she was ranking high for the most popular keywords associated with her industry. She now dominates the organic rankings when you search for dozens of keywords related to the products she sells.

After we shored up the SEO, I focused on a highly-optimized Google AdWords campaign along with Facebook Ads. We started with Text Ads, but quickly moved into Shopping Ads and Dynamic Remarketing. Here's how we optimized her campaign:

  1. Text Ads - I only focused on the top performing products and cut the fat on all the rest to reduce wasted spend.


  2. Shopping Ads - This is the bread and butter of the campaign. I optimized her Shopping Ads so she shows up at the top of Google when someone searches for her products. She gets dozens of sales every month from these ads.


  3. Dynamic Remarketing - I set up her account so that whenever a potential customer looks at a product but does not buy it, an ad for that specific product follows that customer around the Internet, showing up on some of the web's highest trafficked sites like, and more.


  4. Facebook Ads - We used Dynamic Remarketing for Facebook as well. So when a user views a product on Nancy's website, but does not purchase it, they will see an ad for that product on Facebook right away.

Now, when a user searches for products in Nancy's niche, she is all over the place on the search engine results pages. Users can't help but click on her site since she ranks #1 organically for many keywords and her ads all over the page as well.

Ready to Find Out More?

If you're tired of spending thousands of dollars per month for online advertising that just doesn't work, give me a call and I'll explain how you can get results for your business like I did for Nancy's.

One More Thing...

The specific strategies and tactics I describe above may or may not work for your particular business or industry. But just about everyone can benefit from enhanced search engine optimization and a properly optimized Google AdWords (PPC) campaign.

How do we know what will work for you? Let's start a conversation about your business, goals, objectives, budget and marketing history and I'll put together a marketing and advertising plan for you that will actually work!